Vulcanizing Solutions

Vulcanizing Solution offered find suitability for hot and cold tyre retreading process and involves chemical process that converts natural rubber into vulcanized materials that come with less sticky and superior mechanical properties. Here, hot repairs carried out using vulcanizing solution involves repairs and splicing of steel cord & fabric conveyor belts and cold vulcanizing process involves non flammable solutions that comes with high strength adhesion during bonding of rubber to rubber, rubber to fabric, rubber to steel, rubber to PVC, urethane, fiberglass and concrete.

Vulcanising Solution also known as Black Vulcanising Solution or Black Vulcanising Cement or just BVC is a dispersion solution of highly tacky rubber compound in a suitable solvent. It is used for Precured Tyre Retreading as well as in conventional or Hot process tyre retreading ,it comes with a superior scorch safety , longer shelf life and better tack. Different products are available for use in 100, 125, and 150 deg C processes.


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