Chevron Conveyor Belts(V & U Cleat)

We are offering Chevron Conveyor Belt that are precision designed and developed for providing desired space-saving on steep inclines which can go up to 40 Degrees. Range of M24 (24 MPa) conveyor belts are highly resistant to cuts and gouges. These are used frequently in the mining industries, process industries such as Cement, Crushed ore steel and metal, stone crushing industries etc.


Range of N17 (17 MPa) conveyor belts are abrasion resistant as well though not requiring the same cut and gouges resistance as that of the M24 grade. These conveyor belts are mainly used for conveying bauxite, asbestos, ash, chalk, cement, lime, surface coal etc.



• Recycling, compost, mineral processing industries

• Silica, sand or materials containing silica

• Slag, Cooking, Broken Glass/Cullet

• Coal handling plants

• Cement, concrete plants

• Sand, gravel and stone industry

• Road construction machineries

• Timber industry and saw mills

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